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  • Maestros de la Guitarra – Privée

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    Maestros de la Guitarra – Privée

    January 22, 2019.

    Unequivocally, if you love music, and specially the beauty of Spanish & Flamenco guitars, “Los Maestros de la Guitarra” is not to be missed!

    …What a pleasant overwhelming of the senses!

    Xavier Coll, Manuel González & Luis Robisco - 3 Masters of the Guitar.

    Paquito Escudero, Percussion & Cajón.

    On that Tuesday evening, I had the privilege of listening to an intimate concert of these 3 renowned guitarists, where no more than 10 of us attended.   It is an acclaimed worldwide performance!  They play privately and in prominent Concert Halls around the world, like Barcelona’s most beautiful and sought-after Palau de la Música Catalana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a 2,100 (+/-) seating capacity.  

    Words come short, all I know is that immmediately after the opening, I was already wishing it didn’t have to end.  I was hypnotized for more than an hour with, among their various selections, a tribute to Flamenco Legend, Paco de Lucía.  I will admit openly that I was moved to tears!  Talking to Luis, Manuel & Xavier, as well as to Paquito and its Director Oscar, was also such a pleasure... I need to find a way to bring them to San Antonio, TX!!  

    Personally, to have shared their music at this moment in my life was positively quelling and another treasure I will remember.

    I will not give away their ending (Hint: a four-in-one), but I was captivated soooo much, that 4 days later on my last night in Barcelona, I went to listen to them at The Basilica del Pi.  I was delighted once again to absorb such passion & powerful performances, this time with the acoustics of a church.   It was "simply" breathtaking.  

    Some of their pieces gently isolated (…insulated!...) me, as only the best music should!  

    No percussion at the church that Sunday, yet it was a nice surprise to see Paquito again and was honored with his complimentary invitation.  Thank you!


    When emotions overflow, I strongly believe ALL languages are deficient.  

    English is my second language, and so I am definitely doing them a disservice.  I will try in my native Spanish:  Que manera de acariciar y alimentar el Alma!  Simplemente, solo puedo esperar que mi universo conspire así de nuevo!

    This was a TOP Highlight of this week's trip and it is another “must” in Barcelona!    

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