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For decades, I've helped friends & family plan their vacations. Now, with Integra Travel and its affiliation with Global Travel Collection, our resources have increased exponentially.

With our Group Network & our Personal Connections of Hoteliers, Directors, Managers & Owners of Industry Operators worldwide, not only are our itineraries worry-free, but we also have access to upscale opportunities, beautiful Top Destinations and exceptional amenities, values & perks.

In 2021, when COVID Vaccines became available, I began to update my travels as much as I could. In the last 18 months, I have experienced Top Cruise Lines, Luxury Hotels & Resorts in 20+ countries, including :

  • •    Cambodia
  • •    Denmark
  • •    Estonia
  • •    Finland
  • •    France
  • •    Germany
  • •    Holland
  • •    Italy
  • •    Latvia
  • •    Mexico
  • •    Poland
  • •    Portugal
  • •    Singapore
  • •    Spain
  • •    Sweden
  • •    Switzerland
  • •    Turkey
  • •    United Arab Emirates
  • •    Vietnam

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As you can see, we have travelled these past 2 years.

We provide our clients safe vacations.

We continue to help them create unique & unforgettable memories!

More than ever, Integra Travel is Your Travel Solution.

Contact us to help you make your next trip even better than you dreamed of!

Integra Travel is with you before, during and after your travels.

We reiterate our commitment to be there for you before, during & after your trip, only a phone call (or WhatsApp) away!

Yours in travel,

Diana Castillo
- Founder & Owner, Integra Travel Group, LLC.

Hotel Advisory Board Member, Global Travel Collection, a Virtuoso Member.


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