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2021 is another year we will not forget! I do believe, despite many more hardships, the world has shown again an unprecedented display of strength & resilience.

At Integra Travel, we begin 2022 with some relief as better measures are becoming available for better worldwide control of the Corona Virus & its variants! We continue to learn what is best for each of us. We understand each decision is personal and have confidence that all of us will do our best for healthier, open borders.

More than ever, Integra Travel is Your Travel Solution - before, during and after your travels. We continue to plan very carefully and safely, following needed requirements & guidelines. We reiterate our commitment to be there for you only a phone call away!

As Travel Professionals, Integra Travel continues to adapt and move forward during this global crisis. We pride ourselves in remaining up to date with Global Statistics, Daily Travel Advisories, local & international Restrictions/Requirements, as well as CDC Safety Reports for U.S. Measures & Protocols. As we rebook previous plans and make new ones, I continue to be personally available for any concerns or questions our clients may have, especially in these challenging times.

During 2021, I have proactively traveled domestically & abroad for private Inspection Trips, as well as Travel Industry Conferences:

  • •    FEBRUARY - Antigua and Barbuda, West Indies
  • •    APRIL - Croatia
  • •    MAY - Raton/Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.
  • •    JUNE - France
  • •    JULY - Italy
  • •    AUGUST - Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
  • •    AUGUST - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • •    SEPTEMBER - Riviera Maya, Mexico
  • •    NOVEMBER - Park City, Utah, U.S.A.
  • •    DECEMBER - Côte d'Azur, France

These trips have given me personal experience on new travel practices and can now best guide our clientele. We want you to return as I have, healthy, safe & with a seamless travel experience. I have been vigilant on Requirements/Protocols & also done multiple COVID Tests in various countries. We can confidently advise you.

  • We do recognize you may be hesitant for traveling
  • Please continue to dream    We believe in Travel     We believe in Safety
  • Have peace of mind: Flexible Cancellation Policies/Refundable Deposits are available
  • We only suggest destinations & properties with OUR strict Safety Standards*

*(I only commit to places I would take my own family to!)

Please continue to find more HaPpY Places to visit.
We are here when you're ready to help you get there - safely!

Please CLICK for our suggested links for reliable sources on your future travels:COVID-19 Official Data, Facts & Travel Advisories..

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We look forward to a 2022 full of joyful travel experiences and are ready to work together with you for your next unforgettable journeys!

If you haven't done so, we would like you to consider vaccination and booster (if eligible), if only at least for safest travel.

As we face a hopeful 2022, I do believe we are walking in the right direction. We will have a travel-FULL future!

Thank you for your loyalty and continued trust.


Diana Castillo
Founder & Owner, Integra Travel

Integra Travel is the result of our owner's passion for travel
& her immense joy of helping others to travel the world,
both safely & efficiently!
Integra Travel's goal is to provide great travel experiences
and unique yet safe itineraries at great value.
We want our clients to have more stress-free journeys
in order to continue to explore the many beautiful corners of the world!

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