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Note from Founder and Owner

Thank you for visiting our page.

First and Foremost, we at Integra Travel wish you, your Family and loved ones are all safe & healthy!

For the following months, I know we are all doing as much as we can to help prevent the spread of the Corona Virus/COVID-19.

Health officials worldwide tell us that the fastest way to return to some type of normalcy is to minimize contact with each other. Within the USA, this now includes suggestions of physically distancing and staying home for more than we ever expected.

We did hit pause on all our client's travels during the past months, except for essential and urgent reasons. Those whose trip got interrupted, we have successfully taken them back home, processed their refunds/credits and we are also currently rebooking plans for those who had to postpone.

I have personally sent emails to all our clients who had or have pending trips, making myself directly available for any concerns or questions.

We are moving forward during this global crisis! Exclusive & safe travel options are now available.

More than ever, we are being selective & following Health Guidelines with every Booking.

 At Integra Travel, we receive Travel Advisories and Official Statements every day, and we are informed with Daily Reports on Statistics, Facts, Individual Country Travel Restrictions and Safety Measures.

  • We do recognize you may be hesitant for traveling.
  •   Please continue to dream.   We believe in Travel.   We believe in Safety.
  • Exclusive SAFE Options ARE out there!
  • Flexible / No Penalty Cancellation Policies and Refundable Deposits are available for your peace of mind.
  • We only suggest destinations with OUR strict Standards for COVID-19 Sanitization - this is what our clientele looks for, nothing less.

We are here to help you get there, safely!

Please CLICK on our latest UPDATE on COVID-19 Official Data, Facts & Travel Advisories.

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We thank you for your trust during these uncertain times and #stayhealthy,

Diana Castillo
Founder & Owner, Integra Travel

Integra Travel is the result of our owner's passion for travel
& her immense joy of helping others to travel the world,
both safely & efficiently!
Integra Travel's goal is to provide great travel experiences
and unique yet safe itineraries at great value.
We want our clients to have more stress-free journeys
in order to continue to explore the many corners of the world!

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